Azure Data Engineer Training

Complete Practical and Real-time Training on Azure Data Engineer. This Job Oriented Course includes basic to advanced Data Engineering activities including ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), DWH (Data Warehouse), Spark, Python for ETL, PySpark, Pipelines with Azure Data Factory and Synapse Analytics, Notebooks with Azure Databricks, Jobs with Azure Stream Analytics and IoT, Security with Azure Key Vaults, IAM, RBAC and more .. !

This course also includes one Real-time Project for your resume & job work including DP-203 Microsoft CertificationĀ Guidance.


Benefits of Azure Data Engineer Training:

  • Completely Practical and Realtime
  • Theory Material provided in Advance
  • Highly Interactive and Interesting
  • Certification Guidance and FAQs
  • Beneficial for Microsoft Exams

Benefits of Azure Data Engineer Training Highlights:

  • Real-time Project
  • ADF, Synapse & ADLS
  • Spark SQL & Dtabricks
  • PySark, Scala Conepts
  • End to End Integrations