SQL Server Training

SQL Server Training with Real-time Project and Support. This impeccable SQL Server (with T-SQL Queries and Tuning) course is exclusively designed for starters and experienced professionals addressing SQL Server 2014 & 2016 Installation, DB Design, Queries, Joins, CTE, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Remote Queries, Transactions and Tuning options with BLOB Data and XML. Practice Material, Certification, Resume & Interview Guidance are included in this SQL Server Training Course.


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Trainer: Mr Sai Phanindra (12+ Yrs Exp)

Dur: 4 Weeks (Mon - Fri).

Total Course Fee: INR 6,000/-



  • ✔ Completely Practical and Realtime
  • ✔ Theory Material provided in Advance
  • ✔ Highly Interactive and Interesting
  • ✔ Certification Guidance and FAQs
  • ✔ 80% Hands on Training, 20% Theroy part Explanantion

Pre-requisites for this course: NONE. Anyone can join!



SQL Server Training Course Content

SQL Server Training PDF


Module: I

SQL Server 2014 & 2016

  • Introduction to the SQL Server Platform
  • SQL Server Advantages and Requirements
  • SQL Server Database Development Tasks
  • SQL Server Versions and Editions
  • SQL Server Installation and Components
  • SQL Server 2016 : Highlights, Architecture

Types Of SQL & TSQL Commands

  • Data Definition Language (DDL)
  • Data Manipulation Language (DML)
  • Data Query Language (DQL)
  • Data Control Language (DCL)
  • Transaction Control Language (TCL)

Database Design and Implementing Tables

  • Database Design - Files and Filegroups
  • Designing Tables - Static & Dynmaic
  • Data Types : Purpose & Usage
  • Working with Schemas for DB Objects
  • Creating and Altering Tables

Advanced Table Designs

  • Table Partitioning Technques
  • Compressing Data and Advantages
  • Temp Tables and Usage, Perfomance
  • Temp Tables : Types and Reusability

Integrity through Constraints

  • Enforcing data Integrity
  • Implementing Domain Integrity
  • Implementing Entity and Referential Integrity
  • UNIQUE and IDENTITY Constraints
  • CHECK and DEFAULT Constraints

Indexes & Query Tuning Options

  • Indexing Concepts - Understading
  • Data Types and Indexes - Relation
  • Single Column and Composite Indexes
  • Covering Indexes & Usage
  • INCLUDED Indexes & Advantages
  • Execution Plans : Types, Usage
  • Using the DTA Tool for Ececution Plans
  • COLUMNSTORE indexes
  • Working with Column-store indexes
  • Filtered Indexes & Performance

Implementing Joins

  • Inner Joins - Purpose and Performance
  • Outer Joins - Advantages, Usage
  • Cross Joins - Advantages, Limitations
  • Self Joins, Merge Joins, Sub Queries
  • Working with Table Variables, Types
  • WHILE Loops and Iteration Controls
  • NOCHECK and SET Options in Joins
  • Sub Queries, Nested Queries and Usage
  • Using Sub Queries for Data INSERTS
  • Query Joins with UPDATE/DELETE
  • HASH Joins and MERGE Joins

Module: II

Designing and Implementing Views

  • Creating and Accessing Views
  • Views with Sub Queries & Nested Queries
  • Security Options with Views
  • Views for Joins and Merge Operations
  • Important System Views : Metadata Access

Stored Procedures

  • Introduction to Stored Procedures
  • Syntac & Execution of Stored Procedures
  • Implementing Parameterized Procedures
  • OUTPUT Parameters with Procedures
  • Procedure Recompilations and Options
  • Controlling Execution & RECOMPILATION
  • Common Table Expressions (CTE) & Uses
  • Using CTE for Data Retrieval and Updates
  • CTE Usage and Performance Considerations

User-Defined Functions

  • Functions - Advantages & Purpose
  • Designing and Implementing Scalar Functions
  • Designing, Implementing Table-Valued Functions
  • Data Generation and System Functions
  • Implementing Dynamic Joins using Functions
  • Using Functions with Table Variables, Loops

Data Manipulation via Triggers

  • Designing DML Triggers
  • Implementing DML Triggers
  • MEMORY Tables and Triggers
  • DML Triggers for ROLLBACK
  • DML Triggers for Data Distribution
  • DDL Triggers and Data Audits

Using In-Memory Tables

  • In-Memory Tables & Usage
  • Native Stored Procedures

Storing and Querying XML Data in SQL Server

  • Introduction to XML and XML Schemas
  • Storing XML Data and Schemas in SQL Server
  • Implementing the XML Data Type
  • Using the T-SQL FOR XML Statement
  • Getting Started with xQuery

Working with SQL Server Spatial Data

  • Introduction to Spatial Data
  • Working with SQL Server Spatial Data Types
  • Using Spatial Data in Applications

Working with BLOB and Text Documents

  • Considerations for BLOB Data
  • Working with File Stream
  • Using Full-Text Search (FTS) Indexs

New Features of SQL Server 2016

  • Memory Tables
  • FILESTREAM Extensions and Usage
  • New Data Types and Hadoop/Polybase


Targeted Audience


SQL Server Developers, HADOOP Developers, .NET Engineers and Database / BI Professionals

Skills Required


This SQL Server Training carefully designed with Basic and Advanced Level of Examples with 24x7 LIVE Online Lab. No pre-requisites for this SQL Server Training.

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